The Divine Renovation Network

The Divine Renovation Network

We have often been praying for the Divine Renovation Network in Mass, but what exactly is that?

            The Divine Renovation Network brings together Catholic parishes who desire true change, real growth, and have a focus on making missionary disciples. Based on the acclaimed book Divine Renovation – From a Maintenance to Missional Parish by Fr. James Mallon, the Divine Renovation Network is set up to give us the coaching, tools and guidance needed to take our own parish from maintenance to mission.

            The Network connects us with Fr. James Mallon, and a team of coaches and staff that aren’t just preaching theory, but are actually doing it. We have been connected with partner parishes on the same journey, including Holy Trinity / Historic St. Patrick in Bloomington, Illinois, and St. Patrick’s parish in Yorkville, Illinois.
The Network is designed to give us the tools, connections and coaching our parish needs to experience a divine renovation. The Network is designed to adapt to our changing needs and challenges by focusing a parish’s particular challenges and circumstances.

            The Team of coaches and staff at St. Benedict’s parish in Halifax has come alongside St. Ignatius, and through regular communication and coaching is helping us implement the advice and tools needed to re-ignite the passion of our parishioners and experience tremendous positive change at our parish.

            Please pray for St. Ignatius and all the parishes of the Divine Renovation Network as we journey together toward healthy growth.