This year, two of Canada’s federal political parties are holding leadership races. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops released a guide for the 2015 federal election, called “Making Our Voices Heard.”

Our Catholic faith encourages us to contribute to a better society, and gives us guidance in evaluating political platforms. The first of five principles listing in the 2015 guide is “Respect for life and human dignity: from conception to natural death.” is a website focused on supporting pro-life political candidates across Canada. You can sign up there to be informed of pro-life candidates, bills and petitions. As RightNow points out, leaders have enormous influence on the direction a party takes, and federal leadership races happen infrequently. Joining a political party to vote in the leadership race is a significant opportunity to make our voices, as Catholics, heard. If you are interested in voting for pro-life candidates in the Conservative Party leadership race, you need to purchase a party membership ($15) by March 28. You can also consult interviews with the candidates on RightNow. To vote in the NDP leadership race, you need to become a member by August 17.


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