Holiday Mass Schedule

Holiday Mass Schedule

SCHEDULE CHANGES: 4th Sunday of Advent Masses, Christmas Masses, Holy Family Masses, Mary Mother of God.

This year Christmas Eve falls directly on the 4th Sunday of Advent! Fr. Mike and the parish leadership have had to be pastorally creative in making mass schedule changes. We hope the changes are helpful to you and that in celebrating with us, you can more fully enter into the spirit of Christmas.

See the table below for mass dates, times, and music ministry offerings.




Music Ministry

4th Sunday of Advent Dec. 23 4:30pm Cantor
7:00pm Contemporary Worship Band
Dec. 24 9:00am Small Choir
Christmas Mass Dec. 24 4:30pm Contemporary Worship Band
7:00pm Special Christmas Choir
10:00pm Small Choir
Dec. 25 10:00am Small Choir
Holy Family Mass Dec. 30 4:30pm Cantor
Dec. 31 9:00am Small Choir
11:00am Contemporary Worship Band
Mary Mother of God Dec. 31 4:30pm TBD
Jan. 1 10:00am TBD