About Us

About Us

We can’t wait to meet you! We want to know who you are and what you are passionate about. In short, we want to know your story.

At St. Ignatius of Loyola, we believe that church should be life changing and that Jesus really does make all the difference. We are passionate about Jesus because He brings us joy, peace, and helps us experience authentic relationships with others.

Our story began in 1917 when we were founded as a mission of Loyola College (now Concordia University). We continue to serve our community and remain an integral part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal. Today we proudly proclaim the saving message of Jesus Christ and believe that the Good News isn’t just for church goers, but for everyone!  We want to be a light to our neighbours and be the means by which our friends, coworkers and families can encounter a God who has changed our lives for the better.

We are driven to making an impact in the lives of all those around us. To that end we have created a vision statement to keep us passionate and focused on who we strive to be:

We are a welcoming and joyful spiritual home where people encounter Jesus, choose to follow him and become fully alive. We are missionary disciples helping all people to know, love, and serve Christ and His Kingdom.

Wherever you’re from, whatever your background, you will find that you can belong here.

Join us for a beautiful experience at a weekend Mass, or even start out by coming to our marvellously welcoming Alpha Course.